The Ombudsman is composed of three members elected by the Deliberative Council and one hired by the Club. This is a formal channel for receiving, forwarding and processing opinions, suggestions, complaints, compliments, criticisms and denunciations from associates, fans and employees to improve the quality of services and seek solutions to the problems pointed out. Complaints are treated confidentially and confidentially. They can be done in two ways:

ANONYMOUS COMPLAINT (that in which no identifying data of the complainant is required, but therefore there is no way to have direct feedback); and,
REGISTERED COMPLAINT (the one in which the claimant informs his data and receives the protocol number, counting on the return of the progress).
Talk to the Ombudsman

Note that, initially, the history of the subject must be typed in the DEMAND TAB and then enter the identification data in the DEMAND TAB. Basic conditions for the interaction between Complainant and Ombudsman.

Ombudsmen of the Deliberative Council, representatives elected by the members:

1st Ombudsman – Rodrigo Neves Rodrigues Fernandes
2nd Ombudsman – Leonardo Augusto Francisco
3rd Ombudsman – Joel Carlos Fonseca Pfeifer

Contact and service details:

Ombudsman Room – Rua Princesa Isabel (near gate 9).

Phones: (13) 3257-4122, on weekdays from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.
In matches played in other locations, with Santos FC’s home ground, the Ombudsman’s Office also provides assistance at the stadium itself.


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