Santos FC has a partnership with Associação Ponto Positivo, the Santos Mobydix team. There are men’s and women’s teams that compete in 3×3 competitions.

The initiative brings together men’s and women’s 3×3 basketball teams, wheelchair teams and youth teams. In 2021, Santos FC’s basketball project, Santos FC Mobydix, was created with the aim of developing basketball at the Club. Initially with men’s and women’s 3×3 basketball teams, the project grew over time and, in less than a year, already has a team for wheelchair users, in addition to basic categories, where young people are introduced to the sport. Behind the scenes, big names in the sport help to strengthen and grow the project. Paulo Jamelli, a former football player who played for Peixe in 1995 and 1996, was the Club’s football executive in 2009 and 2010, and currently works as an entrepreneur in the sports field, he is the CEO of Santos FC Mobydix. While the Olympic medalist and world champion in women’s basketball, Alessandra Santos, is the coordinator of the team.

3×3 Basketball 3×3 basketball is a growing segment of the sport and with more and more practitioners. In this modality, three players from each team face each other in half court, with the objective of reaching 21 points or finishing ahead on the scoreboard to win the match. Currently, Santos FC Mobydix’s 3×3 teams are in the 3×3 Campeonato Paulista de Basquete, in addition to the 3×3 Paulista Basketball Circuit.

Wheelchair team
Historically recognized for having a great arm dedicated to social causes, Santos FC presented this season its wheelchair basketball team in partnership with the traditional Ypiranga-SP. The team, an arm of the Mobydix project, is mixed and professional and, with less than four months of life, already dreams of titles. In 2022, Santos FC Mobydix disputes the silver series of the Paulista Championship and the Brazilian Championship of the category. The project is innovative for being the first soccer team to have a basketball team for wheelchair users.

Base divisions
Santos FC Mobydix has increasingly expanded its activities in the modality and also started to work in the development of the basic categories of Brazilian basketball. The work at the base emerged from a partnership with the Febre Basketball project, developed 13 years ago with young people aged between 6 and 17, in Baixada Santista. Currently, there are almost 200 athletes who receive the opportunity to practice a sport as a form of social development and, for some, even professional development. Santos FC Mobydix currently has sub-14 and sub-16 5×5 basketball teams, which train weekly at Clube dos Ingleses, a partner in the project, and compete in the Liga Santista Championship, from LBBS, an affiliate of the Paulista Basketball Federation.



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