Training Center Meninos da Vila

The foundation stone was laid on December 28, 2005, and on August 7, 2006, the Training Center Meninos da Vila was reopened. The site has two fields, in an area of 25,500 meters, in addition to changing rooms and administrative sectors.

To personalize the tribute paid to the athletes revealed at the base, the Club named Field 1 as “Robinho” and Field 2 as “Diego”, the two great highlights of the 2002 Meninos da Vila Generation.

Santos FC is one of the clubs that most reveals players in the world, and a specific Training Center for the youth categories shows the Santos concern and competence in always revealing great athletes for soccer.


The address of Training Center Meninos da Vila is Avenida Martins Fontes, 1277, in the Saboó neighborhood in Santos.

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