CT King Pelé

The project to build the CT began in the first term of Marcelo Pirilo Teixeira as president of Santos Futebol Clube (92/93), when the Vila Belmiro team managed, together with the Municipality of Santos and the Companhia Docas do Estado de São Paulo ( Codesp), the possession of a land, strategically located (near Vila Belmiro and the entrance to the city), which would be transformed into the first training center of the Alvinegro team.
In the place, until then called Conjunto Poliesportivo Chico Guimarães of Santos City Hall, the professional team and the base divisions of Santos FC already carried out some training. The space was also used for holding tournaments and games for amateur teams in the city.

With the conquest of the land, the area, of about 40 thousand square meters, was receiving a series of reforms and constructions to today receive the denomination of Centro de Formação Rei Pelé, being considered one of the most modern and well equipped training centers in the country. In it, Santos FC’s Under-20 and professional teams train. The CT is used for the physical, technical and tactical movements of the entire Football department of the club. There is also a sandbox, used for specific physical training. In addition, CT Rei Pelé is also home to friendlies and official games for amateur teams.

After being restructured and with new facilities, CT became a reference center in the Brazilian football scene. When opened in early October 2005, the first phase of Complexo

Modesto Roma I had a main locker room, a physical recovery pool, an ecumenical chapel, a weight room, a massage room, a health unit, an advanced rehabilitation center, a doctor’s room, football department room, football management room, technical department room, coach’s room, technical commission room and specialized clothing advisory room.
Modesto Rome Complex

The first phase of Complexo Modesto Roma, CT Rei Pelé, was inaugurated on October 1, 2005, with the completion of all the necessary structure for athletes and the coaching staff to be able to carry out their daily physical work. The space has three fields and modern facilities such as a swimming pool for physical and physiotherapy recovery, a modern weight room, changing rooms,
management, administration, physiology, psychologist and specialized advisory rooms.

On site there is the  Hotel Recanto dos Alvinegros, where athletes are concentrated before the team’s matches. There are 28 suites available, with cable television, Internet points, air conditioning and minibar, in addition to a games room, auditorium and cafeteria. CT Rei Pelé also has an area for journalists covering Santos FC, with space for press conferences and access to training.
The main locker room, intended for the exclusive use of athletes from the professional team, has 36 individual lockers, 4 hot tubs and 1 spa pool, in addition to being spacious and with privacy for athletes to use in their daily work inside the CT.
The pool at Complexo Modesto Roma is 20 meters long and has a lane specially prepared for athletes to swim in. The idea of ​​the technical areas of the club is to use this pool in the recovery and preparation of the players, within the modern concepts of physical education. The pool has thermal heating and was built in accordance with the guidelines of the professionals involved with the athletic preparation of the players.
The weight room is integrated with the physiology, physiotherapy, medicine and nutrition departments and has modern equipment to meet the needs of the athletes and the coaching staff.
The work rooms for professionals linked to administration, management, physiology, massage, physiotherapy, nutrition, medicine and the technical part have been renovated and are arranged in a distribution that facilitates the integration of work into everyday life.
The CT also has the Peirão de Castro press room, which facilitates the work of journalists who cover the club. The place has panels with the official sponsors, where the players and the coaching staff give interviews to the press.
With the second phase of the Modesto Roma Complex, the CT now has a 28-room hotel, a large restaurant, games room, kitchen, reception and auditorium for use in lectures and meetings with athletes.


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