Soon after its foundation, Santos FC held its training sessions on a soccer pitch in the neighborhood of Macuco. However, due to the fact that the soccer pitch did not have the minimum official dimensions, the matches used to be played on a pitch at Ana Costa Avenue, where Macuco Church stands today.

Also, other clubs based in the city used to share this same pitch. Thus, managers started to look elsewhere for a better solution. On May 31st, 1916. A General Assembly has approved the purchase of an area totalizing 16,500 m² in the Vila Belmiro neighborhood. On October 12th of the same year, the stadium’s sports arena is officially opened.

The first match was held ten days later, versus the Ypiranga, for the Paulista Championship, and the Alvinegro Praiano won 2-1, with Milton and Jarbas scoring the game-winning goals.

The most famous village in the world was named Urbano Caldeira in 1933, a tribute to one of the greatest benefactors in the Club’s history.

Officially, the audience was the largest on February 15, 1976, when Palmeiras hosted the classic game: about 31,662 fans in the State Governor’s Tournament.