Far Beyond Football

We are Santos, the King’s team.

We have been manufacturing dreams and stars for over 100 years.

With our feet on the grass, we stopped a war.

With boldness and joy, we globalize Mohicans.

That’s why we believe that football is one of the biggest communication vehicles on the planet,

a force that reaches people, inhibits barriers and, in addition to inciting passions,

it is capable of raising awareness and multiplying solidary, voluntary, good postures.

To repay the gift given to us, of turning boys into idols,

we also want to contribute to the future of those who are outside the official four lines, but within the daily life of the world.

Little fish and fish that are part of today and need to have conditions and opportunities to manufacture tomorrow’s dreams.

We want inclusion, peace, health, family, ball, daily smiles, strong hugs and special dates…

Yes, we dream like boys!

But we work as a power.

SantosFC, the team that goes #MuchBeyondFootball.

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