Santos FC’s Embassies



This project aims to bring Santos FC’s fans who are far away from Vila Belmiro closer to the team, promoting the Club’s culture and expanding the number of official members. The embassies represent the official members in their own locations, working as a communication channel between them and Santos FC. They are voluntarily organized and managed by official members as a distinct non-profit legal entity.

The embassies were created to promote social campaigns endorsed by Santos FC, as well as activities performed by the Club in cooperation with philanthropic organizations, to stimulate the adhesion of new official members, to hold social or sporting events on its premises, to gather the official members who live in their regions, to promote the purposes of the Club’s By-Laws, to defend the image and the reputation of Santos FC, to arrange tours and trips to watch matches, and to indicate athletes of any sports modalities of interest to Santos FC.

The official members who are interested in establishing Santos FC’s Embassies in their own cities may contact Letícia Carlos at



Embassy in Brasília – DF
Ambassador: Júlio César Soares
Secretary-General: Robson Cardoso da Silva

Interim Embassy in Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Ambassador: Marcello Silvestri
Secretary-General: Nathália Pimenta Soares
Embassy in Curitiba – PR
Ambassador: Márcio Santos
Secretary-General: Claudio Henn

Interim Embassy in Goiânia – GO
Ambassador: Thiago Alkimin Simões
Secretary-General: Gustavo Santana

Interim Embassy in Salvador – BA
Ambassador: Flávio Farah
Secretary-General: Adeinival Barroso

Interim Embassy in São José do Rio Preto – SP
Ambassador: Fabio Antônio Lopes Pereira
Secretary-General: Flavio Marcelo de Araújo

Interim Embassy in Cuiabá – MT
Ambassador: André Felipe Teixeira
Secretary-General: Carlos Roberto de Cunto Montenegro

Interim Embassy in São José dos Campos – SP
Ambassador: Rogério Barcelos
Secretary-General: Jefferson Fabiano de Souza
Interim Embassy in Tietê – SP
Ambassador: Leandro Ghizzi Fuzzi
Secretary-General: Acácio Nascimento Filho

Interim Embassy in Recife – PE
Ambassador: Gilmar Almeida Machado
Secretary-General: Humberto Vasques

Interim Embassy in Belo Horizonte – MG
Ambassador: Luiz Felipe de Andrade Gariglio
Secretary-General: Felipe Luis Boschi Rubinger

Interim Embassy in Riberão Preto – SP
Ambassador: José Luiz Baldoni
Secretary-General: Ademozar de Carvalho